Friday, 2 December 2011

Fat Quarterly Aurifil Challenge

A couple of weeks ago on the Fat Quarterly Blog there was a post about the Aurifil Challenge - you can read about it HERE.

Well I threw my 'hat' into the group and was picked to try out the threads.  I've received a sample pack of threads - various colours, various grades, 4 cotton and one wool. 
Aurifil tester package of threads
So over the last few day's I've been considering what I could do to try the threads out and as I'm partaking in a Quilt Bee group next year I thought it would be helpful to explore an improv quilt block and use it to make a panel or cushion.

To that end I've searched for improv blocks and quilts in blogs, Flickr, Pintrest and through Google Search - there has been lots of inspiration and an amazing amount of stunning work to view, but, I do however get distracted by quilts with lots of solids, they just seem to draw me in more.  Which doesn't help me in some ways as the blocks we are to make each other in the bee are to make use of our scraps, and well you know scraps, they are every pattern, colour, shape and size.

Though this challenge block design won't be created with scraps I feel that it could easily transfer into using scraps for the central shapes.  I want to use this block as a potential piece for an exhibition next year so this first one, using the Aurifil threads will be made using hand dyed fabrics but I think it could be recreated using scrap fabrics (another tester block may be required).  So what block have I sketched out - well it's based on Wooly Fabulous' Contemporary Embroidery work - you can see her photostream here and here it is

now to select the fabrics and decide on how to use the threads

signature panel


Archie the wonder dog said...

Sounds like fun! I have one of those sample packs (but not from FQly) and am patiently waiting inspiration to strike!

Joan said...

I love the way you work things out. Not something I am terribly good at :) I always - or mostly - use Aurifil 50 weight...nfver used the others so I will be interested to learn your thoughts on them.

Quilt Rat said...

you will enjoy working with those threads....I LOVE Aurifil!!!

Sheila said...

I also have a pack and am like Helen, waiting for the right project!

Esch House Quilts said...

Love the panel!

Trudi said...

I've got mine too, and I'm veering towards some raw edge applique :) I'm hoping to do a little pattern and fabric gather this weekend ! Always love your designs Ethne!

Marjorie said...

Very cool. I can't wait. I love to watch your ideas evolve.

Tina said...

nice blog... i like it