Friday, 24 January 2014

Charm Packs - One of this years UFO's

A quick and easy way to buy fabric and introduce yourself to patchwork are pre-cut fabric packs.

There are of course now a huge range of pre-cuts and of course the Moda Bake Shop is a great place to find lots of ideas for projects that you can use these pre-cut fabric packs to create something beautiful to share and use.

Of course I don't want to stick with any of the fantastic range of traditional pieced projects that are available - I just want to play and do something with an improv twist.

Take the Kona solids quilt - 1 pack of 5 inch charms, where I grouped them into complimenting colours and just cut them into strips of varying widths and angles then hand sewed them when on holiday with a background fabric.

When I came back from holiday there were 27 pieced fabric strips that had to be 'grouped' together in some way to create a block.

After a few of the doodles a quilt block design developed.

Once the three coloured strips were joined together I added another section to the block.  A series of Pepper and Glacier fabric strips of varying widths, all sewn with a slightly curved seam, with the Glacier fabric strips all being quite narrow to reflect the narrow strip joining the coloured sections of the blocks.  I again varied how these 'end fillers' were made up from block to block - some would have 3 Glacier strips and others only 2.
I also made the decision at this point to make do QAYG panels.  Therefore it became 3 long horizontal strips, each made up with of these blocks, which would be made into a strip by sewing in a Pepper fabric panel, again using a curved seam to suit the shape when the edge of each block was trimmed down, (I wanted to minimize he amount of fabric cut away, which would have been a lot if I'd decided to go with straight seams).  

Then came the process of deciding on the possible FMQ patterns to enhance the quilt.

After considering and ditching various designs I decided to quilt only the Pepper fabric and stitch in he ditch around the edge of all of the coloured fabrics.  I also continued the thin strips joining the charm strips by leaving a thin un-quilted section along the edge of each of the blocks.  So far on the one horizontal panel that I've quilted I've kept the quilting confined to the three blocks and the fabric panels joining each block.  There is, I suppose you'd call them sashing fabrics to the outside edges of the 3 blocks and I'm considering a different quilting pattern there.  You see I'm wanting to limit the quilting in this area as it will also include the area were the QAYG panels will be joined together.

I promise to keep you up to date with this quilt when it gets pulled out of the UFO pile later this year.
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Marjorie said...

Looks great! When I try something like this it just looks like I've been drinking too much and shouldn't be trusted with scissors.

MariQuilts said...

Love this!!!!