Thursday, 23 January 2014

Feathers - is it just me?

When I  started my Pinterest 'scrapbook' one of the first boards was 'Inspiration - leaf, tree, feather'.  As time has gone on I've constantly added images/links to this board.

In considering ideas for a mini charm pack challenge one thing I've been looking at was feathers, but have you noticed the, almost, daily increase of feathers in quilting projects since the turn of the year?

We of course have many considering FMQ feathers - a technique that just 'has' to be mastered ............

For example my blogging friends Joan and Marjorie have working hard on improving and getting to grips with feathers on their domestic sewing machine
and another blogging friend - Jenny - who very recently blogged about these 'modern feathers', which she did on her long arm quilting machine
OK, feather quilting is pretty much a given but what about feather quilts - well yes there are plenty of these floating around too .........., here are just a few examples that I love
These are just a few examples of feathers - quilts and quilting that I've seen around at the moment - have you seen something feather wise that has amazed and inspired you?  I'd love to know if you have.  I also think that this year I may just keep a look out for a feather quilting challenge and give it a go, unless I just jump in like Marjorie and go it on my own.
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Until next time ..... create and have fun

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Joan said...

Thought I recognized something here... thank you so much for the mention :) How come you are now into feathers... it really is a great pastime. I have been 'missing' for so long now...its nice to be back ... and to see you there again .

Joan said...

HI, lovely to se you there again - and thank you for the mention on your blog :) Its nice to be back... I feel I have been missing for way too lone ...